Our 2008 compilation CD is finally available. We scoured our back catalog and put together over 287 of our favorite tunes on 400 CDs. (Thanks to Who's Line.. for that joke. Actually it's probably closer to 40-50 songs, and two CDs.) We also have a MP3 version of the CD with all the songs on one disc. The title is "F" (or perhaps "f") and is available now. If interested give us an e-mail, putting something about Pleebs CD in the subject line so that we might actually notice it...the pleebs

other news...
We are in the wayy early stages of listening back to our latest bulk of master tapes to compile our next album. Tenative title is "How's That Working Out For Ya? (Pronounced in a loud Bangor Maine Accent)". If I were to guess it will be finished early 2020 (to coincide with the release of "Untitled Red Five") if not sooner or later.

That's all.
the plebes

the pleebs (TM) are thom porcupine and 3ric the Loser. the pleebs are a piece of us released into the music we make.

and now our story as told by -Mike, of Big Casserole Records...

The Pleebs, or "Plebes", or even "Phleebes", as the Europeans say, were not always the "geniusi of living room clatter" whose majestic and minor melodies dribble over the lips of even the more prestigious of compositorial wunderkinds of our age. A humble beginning, you might pretentiously say, bred their present demeanors of outrageous talent and illustrious fame.
Born exclusively to dogcatchers, the pre-Pleebs spent the early years of their youth wrassling strays in dark rainy alleys and treating their canined wounds with various ointments culled from numerous pharmaceutical break-ins perpetrated by a kleptomaniacal hypochondriac second-cousin. But their days were not solely consumed by pavement safaris and chocolate malted lunches. At nights when the dogs were down, curled like inchworms in the ducts of slumber, 3ric would whistle tunes he'd composed in the working hours, and tom imagined the words that would perfectly match them on imaginary celestial staves he dreamed in the planetarium of his eyelids. And all these nights grew to all these months and they gave birth to years.And these years bore the the glorious fruit of youthful suffering and ecstacies. Their music united them as a vehicle of joy called The Pleebs (TM). Let your ears be the stray dogs of wonder and let the Pleebs catch you.
  -Mike, of Big Casserole Records

what is this stuff? more of that do it yourself flu thats been going around me guesses. someone should develope a vaccine for this. or maybe not. i'm soo serious about this. they may as well be speaking chinese because this sound is lost by me (lost or sleeping in my stomach lining?). i hate it, but i find myself humming... "never compromise" in the elevator. i've got the mantra, now where do i find the religion to go with it? i went to their web-site to find out. they have more songs to sample there and each is very different from the rest. its all so hard to catagorize. if you like experimental, do it yourself music made in fun, give the pleebs a try. - anonymous

Not related, but factoids for you...
We were featured on the Ween covers tribute album How To Be Brown: A Tribute To Ween (Crimson Rain Records – CRR 21)
The Pleebs were spawned form the ashes of the BrackPit... who were ranked as 9th WORST band in America by Spin Magazine (March 1996 issue with Tori Amos on the cover)

Songs, for your convenience... listen to, share, creative commonly use, ignore, be cool.
sugar puke
The Other God
Mr Skeleton Army
Over and Over
Stars In My Eyes
bad dwarf advice
never compromise
counter intuitive
Little Robot Kitten
1040 for the colour blind
The Beat Don't Stick Around
Hazy Whoopsy Daisy\Jalapeno
Marsbar (Live)
Context of a Veal (Live)

Bandcamp let us on!!
Reverb Nation accepted our invite!
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